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Just a little  about GERR-KENN RECORDS

GERR-KENN RECORDS was started in 2004 to record my second CD and to help other artists like myself without a real budget, and that how GERR-KENN all began. As I was recording my second CD, I thought about all the red tape I went through with the first one and the money that it cost me to record which was very expensive.  I knew if I was going through that, it had to be other artist that was having the same problem.  So I started figuring out a way to come up with a less expensive way to do recording that would help me as  well as other artists. I knew that it had to have high tech equipment and sounds that would be conducive to recording crisp and clear vocals.


 After obtaining the necessary equipment needed, there was still a need for help to assist in recording. I began to look for help from other artists, song writers and musicians who were interested in helping me start GERR_KENN RECORDS. Just to name a few who help me with this project was Anthony Watson, formally with the Chi-lites, Cedric and Nadine Brooks, which Cedric is a top notch keyboard player and my right hand man.


The naming of the company came from using the first four letters of my two eldest son’s names Gerrard C. and Kenneth A. Edwards. My third son Kellen A. Edwards also joined the company and is very interested in recording his own songs which will be done at GERR-KENN RECORDS.


It has been slow becoming a reality, but with God’s help we are going to release 3 CD’s by mid-year.The web site was published on March 9th of 2013 to assist in having songs recorded by GERR-KENN RECORDS heard along with having contact for the public.

5 Responses to HOME PAGE

  1. Gale Edwards says:


  2. Kellen Edwards says:

    In full support of my dad love u keep making hits

  3. Kesha says:

    Daddy, I can not wait to hear your new CD. This song is an awesome way to introduce your new CD….hint hint!

  4. Darlene Henderson says:

    Thank you for taking me under your wings! Be Bless

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